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Both prestige property developers and private clients

take advantage of our specialist knowledge.

Clients appreciate the way that our design input and specialist skills can enhance their own capabilities and add value to the properties.

Electric power circuitry

is the central nervous system of a home.

That’s what we strive to achieve with the wiring, interior lighting and exterior lighting of every property that we work on. Find out more about our lighting and rewiring services.

A refreshingly old-fashioned approach

to electrical contracting & maintenance.

We are an unusual company in today’s increasingly impersonal business world, where short-term profits often seem to outweigh old-fashioned business ideals. We take a longer view.

What drives us is a genuine commitment to providing a service focused on quality, reliability, and integrity. We have found that by maintaining standards that consistently surpass our clients expectations, we build ongoing relationships that benefit everyone.

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Our solutions are pushing the boundaries of excellence

At home: Smart technology, for a superior interior
Although we offer old-style quality and service, we use the latest new-fangled technologies and techniques to minimise project timescales and maximise cost-efficiency. We tend to work with clients who understand that spending more to get things right in the first place pays long-term dividends.
In business: Total support for your premises

For commercial spaces and industrial premises – we can handle your lighting, heating, phone and IT, security technology, AV and conferencing facilities. And we carry out installation, maintenance and certification.

In future: A reassuring aftercare guarantee
Our reputation has been built on the quality of our workmanship, the durability of the materials we use, and the reliability of our installation processes. Our standards are so high that we guarantee all parts and labour for one year.
On site: Reliability and efficiency, for a better build
We bring traditional skills and artisanship on-site, geared up to suit today’s cost-conscious environment. Our high-end electrical contract expertise can enhance perceptions of large-scale and one-off residential new builds and refurbishments, or corporate, industrial and retail developments.

What we’ve done

The evidence of our unwavering commitment to quality can be seen here in some of the many projects we have successfully carried out for discerning, demanding clients. Once a client has sampled our services, they tend to continue using us, because they know that we can be relied upon to deliver a premium quality job, on time, and on budget.

How we help

Our clients value the way we pay close attention to every small detail. We think that it’s the extra effort to ensure a finished result that looks perfect, and functions perfectly.